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Found: 2 girls 1 backpack

Posted by Xueller 23/02/2016 0 Comment(s) The Found Blog,

The sisters travelling the world on a budget without skimping on experience


The Voge sisters, Toni and Christina did what we have all thought of doing (just once or twice throughout the day!) – packing a bag with a Xueller roundie, throwing it all in and travelling the world for MORE THAN A YEAR! It’s a nice daydream but we all come to the conclusion of ‘how could I afford that?!’ From California to Australia (and loving the colourful Australian  money!) to South East Asia, Europe and back again, Christina and Toni share with Xueller how they made it out alive on a strict budget.

Where was your dream destination when you first started the travel planning and why?

Bali, Indonesia because we had heard so many good things about it from lots of different people and the pictures looked amazing.

How much did you set aside for the escape and did you know how long you would be gone for from the beginning?

We planned for one year and saved US$20,000 for our trip.

How did you manage to stay on budget for over a year?

We were able to stay on budget by staying in hostels, staying with friends and couch surfing. We saved money on food by grocery shopping and eating the local Asian food. We also saved money by car sharing in Europe using Bla Bla Car and using Uber in Bali instead of getting taxis.

Where was the first stop and did you realise you were living the dream during that first flight?

Our first stop was Sydney, Australia. It was our first long flight but we were so excited because we had been waiting a year for that day.

Who was the craziest character you met / travelled with during the 12 months?

We met way too many crazy people while travelling! But that’s what makes everything even more interesting!

Did you travel with any guide books / apps or did you travel by feel and personal recommendations?

We found out about nomadicmatt.com while searching travel blogs on Google. He has lots of books on travel, one in particular called “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day.” That book was what gave us the idea of travelling for a full year. We carried it around with us while travelling because there are so many useful tips to help save you money on the road.

How were you able to keep track of your expenses?

Just by knowing what our budget was per day kept us from overspending. If you spend too much one day then you just spend under your budget the next day.

Was there a time where you thought ‘stuff it!’ and blew the budget for something well worth it?

We splurged here and there but we still evened it out by spending less on other days. We splurged on ourselves at the end of our trip when we knew we had some leftover money and a little extra room in our backpack before heading home.

What are your tips and tricks for others wanting to escape it all?

I would just tell people to set a goal and try and stick to a budget to save money before travelling. Also, sell your things to make more money because you realise you don’t need so much stuff!

What is next to tick off the bucketlist?

We are moving to Bali and starting an online business together so we can continue travelling.

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