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Found: Sacha Kalis ‘The Bahamas Girl’ AKA Alice in Waterland

Posted by Xueller 14/11/2016 0 Comment(s) The Found Blog,

Found: Sacha Kalis ‘The Bahamas Girl’ AKA Alice in Waterland

When you’re stuck in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s hard to not day dream of a salty, tropical escape at this time of year. Crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, lush green palms, with the biggest decision being which cocktail to order from the menu. I think we can all agree that’s bliss! Isn’t it nice to dream!?

For Sacha Kalis AKA The Bahamas Girl, our dream is her lifestyle reality. With a social media following of nearly 700,000 strong, Alice in Waterland, as she likes to call herself, lives much of the time beneath the waves where light, movement and weightlessness create an amazing, dreamlike quality to images.

Sacha teamed up with Xueller to watch one of the famous Bahamian afternoon storms roll on in.
Check out some of Sacha’s trademark pics below, featuring Xueller’s #thejuju roundie. Shop Xueller’s roundie range here.

For more underwater inspiration and mermaid dreams visit The Bahamas Girl. or follow Sacha on Instagram @_bahamasgirl_

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