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Found: The Boy and The Rose

Posted by Xueller 19/06/2017 0 Comment(s)

Supporting local businesses is something we love to do and when the hometown produce tastes as good as that at The Boy and The Rose, it’s almost impossible NOT to! Interesting name for a cafe you may ask? Well it all stems from a first date! During Luke Proust and Georgia Spencer’s first date, Luke read her the children’s book, The Little Prince.

*Okay, pause blog*

Let’s just stop for a minute and let that sink in, is that not THE. CUTEST. THING. EVER?


The story tells of a little prince who travels to several planets, all while describing the love he has for a single rose on his home planet. Coupled with the fact that Georgia’s middle name is Rose, it seemed only fitting they chose to name their new cafe after this sentimental story to continue that of their own. Seriously, it’s all just a bit too cute.

After growing up on the Central Coast and working within various hospitality roles, Georgia and Luke made their dreams into reality, and opened The Boy and The Rose in 2015 and since then, the quaint little hidden gem has become the Central Coast’s place to be for locals and tourists alike. With a vision to use quality locally grown produce, be environmentally mindful and support other small businesses, Georgia and Luke have created an organic space where you can feel at home and order more than just #smashedavocado.

Our menu tip: The burrito bowl! Slow cooked chicken served with brown rice, topped with avocado, black beans, pico de gallo salsa and taco cream garnished with a spiral salad. Sooo much goodness!

The food at The Boy and The Rose is just down right delicious! We love all of the options (even if it does makes life difficult when deciding what to eat!) what influences your menu choices and food selection?

It’s super important for the two of us to be aware of what’s trending and what we personally would look for in a menu when we go out for breakfast or lunch. Luke’s lactose intolerant and I’m big on presentation so combine this with what our tummies are rumbling for and what stands out through the camera lens and this is then handed to our amazing team in the kitchen on a silver plate of muddled up concepts and voila! That’s where the magic happens. When the chefs get their hands on it they just know exactly what to do and they surpass all expectations.

We love how humble you are and just how much you love your customers. I think our favourite story is your first coffee order situation! Have you been overwhelmed by the support of your local customers over the last couple of years?

No one thought it would work in this beautiful little suburb! Starting up your first ever café is daunting, but establishing one in an area with very little movement was terrifying. Just before we opened our doors our coffee company Glee (who are local, inspire us constantly and support us tirelessly) gave us 10kg of coffee for our first WEEK. A standard amount to accommodate for the small space that we have but it didn’t suffice. We did 11kg on our first DAY! And how lucky are we that they were local? They made trips back and forth all week to stock up our shelves – not to mention Luke and I getting emotional behind the coffee machine because we just couldn’t believe it. That first weekend was just surreal.

Your new cafe venture The Tame Fox, is set to open it’s doors soon! We hear it isn’t going to be ‘just another cafe’ though. Can you give us an idea of what to expect?

The location for The Tame Fox is about three times the size of what we have at The Boy and The Rose, which means we literally have “so many room for activities”. To be honest, this space can be so much, and the possibilities are endless. We’re at a stage of bewilderment now where our minds can’t settle on anything because we have so many concepts to adapt to the space so at this stage what it can be is still be conjured up.

Your sign to encourage rubbish collection for a free ice block or hot choccie is a fantastic way to keep our beaches beautiful and a great way to market your cafe and voice your opinion on our environment. Have you had many people get involved?

Kids come in daily – even in the middle of winter – with 3 pieces for rubbish in exchange for an ice block. It’s been great in the sense that kids can get involved – even if we’re tricking them with sugar. When we told one of our reps from the company that supplies the ice blocks they were so chuffed with the concept that they contacted Zoopa Doopa and they donated a few free boxes, which was amazing. We also had a customer read the sign, ask us about it and donate $20 for our next purchase, which made me tear up. We are surrounded by kind hearted people and they surprise you all the time – having the sign there brings that into the focus and I love that.

We love popping in to enjoy the friendly atmosphere you have created. Is this something you strive for when hand selecting your staff?

Thank you! It’s funny you say this because we just conducted a staff meeting and we spoke so much about it. Absolutely. Our staff have the direct power to shape someone’s experience at our little shop. We tell them how important it is to take on feedback to learn and to make sure they’re smiling because no matter how bad your day may be, if you smile you make someone else smile – and that makes you happy. You have the direct power to make someone’s day better, it’s a big responsibility but you selfishly feel good when you do kind things so just do it!

What’s the secret to working with you partner? Surely it’s not always fun and games!

It never is all fun and games and it would be unrealistic to even consider for a second that it doesn’t get tough. I love Luke, and sometimes I want to cover his face with a pillow when he sleeps and (he probably wants to do the same to me.) When we’re not at the shop we embrace that time and try to utilize it effectively with the other person. If one of us don’t want to talk about work anymore we say it, and the other person will always accept that. And when we are working together we support each other 100% - and it’s easy. We really do think the world of each other, and it makes our staff sick at times but it’s the good kind of sick. You know…Like when your mum and dad kiss and you’re disgusted but at the same time you wouldn’t have it any other way?

What’s next on the list for The Boy and The Rose duo?

Aside from having our schedules painted in pen with The Boy and The Rose’s illegitimate love child (The Tame Fox) we have no idea. We never have planned anything and we kind of like it that way. What’s next, we won’t know until we’re there.

Stomach rumbling? Dying for a coffee? You can find The Boy and The Rose at North Avoca Beach on The Central Coast or follow their Facebook account here.