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Found: Meghan Markle – The self confessed sea-searcher and inspired lifestyle balancer

Posted by Xueller 20/12/2016 0 Comment(s)

Found: Meghan Markle – The self confessed sea-searcher and inspired lifestyle balancer

You probably know her best as the intelligent, passionate, supportive and pencil skirt wearing fiancé Rachel Zane in the hit TV series Suits. But what you might not realise is that, like us, Meghan Markle is a self confessed sea-searcher, always on the hunt for inspiration for her next tropical getaway… (cue love heart emoji)!

After being asked to feature Xueller on Meghan’s own blog, The Tig just last month, we decided to turn the tables to chat about all things salt, sea, sand, Suits and FARSHION!

Check it out!

Thanks so much for featuring us as The Tig’s Anatomy of Design feature last month! Can you tell us a little bit more about what inspired you to start writing?
I started The Tig two years ago as a platform to share an inspired lifestyle. I’ve always loved food, travel and fashion, but the past few years have given me access to those aspects of life in an even deeper way. It’s all a Cinderella moment and I love being able to share that.

We know you love to travel! How do you find the time to travel juggling the busy schedule of filming and managing The Tig website?
My mom was a travel agent, so from a young age, the life of wanderlust was ingrained in me. We have several small hiatuses built into our nine month shooting season, so I relish those chances to just go. I am in New York about twice a month, and get back to my hometown of LA as often as possible. I go to the Greek Islands next week and then London, and the month of August I’m packing my bags and traveling for a month – I don’t know where to yet, and I absolutely love the magic in that as well.

Where’s your favourite tropical destination to visit and why?
Tulum is very special, and definitely one of my favorite places. It is so laid back and beautiful, with a chill vibe, and amazing artisans with a small town feel. I also love Turks and Caicos (stay at Amanyara), and Jamaica has long had a place in my heart (The Rockhouse is a standout property there).

What’s next on the travel bucket list? You know you can’t beat an Aussie Summer!
I’ve never been to Australia and it’s high on my list! Maybe I will come in December when we wrap Season 6 of Suits! I would absolutely love that!

As you may know, Australia is home to many world famous fashion designers and creatives. Are there any Australian brands you love?… besides Xueller of course!
I love Bec & Bridge,Maurie and Eve (so so chic!), and Ellery. I also absolutely love the grandeur of the designs by Maticevski. And for little bits and bobs, I can always find something nice online at Coco and Lola. Man… with that many Aussie designers I love, it sounds like I should come for fashion week!

Ok, being HUGE Suits fans, we have to ask – what is it REALLY like working with ‘Harvey Specter’?… (yes we know, he is fictional, ha!)
Gabriel is one of my favorite people to work with – he’s so relaxed and such a supportive castmate. He’s also the kindest family man with an infectious sense of humor. When we have scenes together we break into fits of giggles constantly. I absolutely love him and his family. Just a class act, and so incredibly down to earth.

Like Donna, your character Rachel is an absolute BOSS! Can you draw comparisons between her confident persona and your personality in real life?
I think Rachel and I both embrace juggling so many things and yet maintaining a strong sense of purpose, and sense of self. I love how resilient she is, and I also happen to love how raw and vulnerable she is. It’s part of being human – we can only be boss so much of the time. The beauty is in the realness.

What can we expect to happen between Rachel and Mike in Season 6? Any hints?
I can’t tell you a single thing! The creator would absolutely kill me. But I will say this much – it’s going to be a very intense season!

You can read all about Xueller’s Anatomy of Design here and for all other off the beaten path travel, farm to table dining inspiration, style and timeless allure – visit Meghan’s blog The Tig.

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