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Found: The quit your job and start an adventure inspo you need

Posted by Xueller 29/07/2016 0 Comment(s) The Found Blog,

Found: The ‘quit your job and start an adventure’ inspo you need

Six months ago, Charlotte gave up her life on the Central Coast to travel across Australia. Months before the trip, she had been longing for freedom and adventure and the thought of a sun-drenched road trip through Western Australia had her imagination going wild. Throwing caution to the wind, she gave up her job, sold all of her possessions including her car, packed a couple of Xueller roundies and travelled to Broome, Western Australia. Charlotte shares with Xueller her favourite little salty destinations along with the best road trip tunes.

What made you decide to move on from your current lifestyle?

I wasn’t unhappy with my lifestyle at the time but was craving new experiences.
I felt nervous at first, leaving the job I loved, and heading into the unknown, but the minute we started the road trip, I knew I had made the right decision!

What planning was involved to make the road trip happen?

We loosely planned the route we would take, wanting to spend maximum time on the West Coast exploring the beautiful spots neither of us had been to before. We budgeted for four weeks on the road and had jobs lined up in Broome for when we arrived.

How did you afford to travel?

It was a spontaneous road trip – my partner and I only started saving three months before we left. In the weeks leading up to the trip we were tight with our money, only buying necessities! We also put all of our possessions up for sale online which helped enormously to fund the trip.

Did you experience anything unexpected along the way?

I wasn’t expecting to see wild camels in Australia – but they are throughout the Nullabor Plains and also in Western Australia – and quite common! I kept my eyes peeled for camels the whole trip. They are gorgeous creatures.

What is one salty destination well worth visiting?

Esperance in Western Australia is stunningly beautiful. White sand beaches, turquoise waters, untouched islands and native wildlife. I was so amazed at how beautiful it is – it literally took my breath away!

Is there anything you learnt about Australia that you didn’t know before?

I visited the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, a place I’d never heard of. I’m so glad I found out about this gorgeous reef because I can honestly say it is one of the most beautiful and untouched places in Australia. I can’t wait to go back!

What is your number one tip for surviving a summer road trip in Australia?

Pack your swimsuit and your favourite Xueller roundie, because you’re bound to discover secluded beaches along the way. We pulled off the highway and explored coves and beaches all the way along the West Coast. Bliss! Also, take plenty of water wherever you go.

What is the ultimate road trip song playlist?

Fleetwood Mac – the tunes are timeless and there’s a Fleetwood Mac song to suit every mood!

What is the next destination on your bucket list?

The beautiful Whitsundays in Australia and the Philippines.