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Found: The stylist that will immediately make you jealous

Posted by Xueller 28/02/2016 0 Comment(s) The Found Blog,

The Stylist who will immediately make you jealous

Meet Louise from Villa Styling. When we first came across Louise’s Instagram account @villastyling we knew she was a girl cut from the same cloth!
What stood out the most was her incredible office space. Can you say workspace inspo? JEALOUS! Louise is passionate about creating beautiful imagery and living spaces that evoke a feel-good vibe and she is regarded as an expert in all things Summer and villa style –  it’s not hard to see why!
We had the pleasure of chatting with Louise on Villa Styling and Summer loving!

We love a little travel share detail! Where is your favourite salty destination and why?
My favourite salty destination would be Thailand, in particular Phi Phi Island – it’s where I honeymooned. I love the welcoming locals, the aqua seas as far as you can see and the beautiful warm water to float around in for hours – bliss!!

How does Villa Styling allow you to express who you are?
Villa Styling has always been me, being me. It encapsulates my passion for styling beautiful imagery for anyone, but always doing so with heart for that particular product to make it look amazing. It’s really a great outlet for my constant creative flow.

What is your must-have Summer essential?
A really good beach bag and a Xueller round towel are my summer essentials – along with my Wrangler! It’s summer to me all year round when I’m in it!

How do you like to spend your spare time when you aren’t creating incredible stylish spaces?
I love to spend time with my husband and our gorgeous puppy Ella, camping at the beach and swimming.

What is next on the achievement list for Villa Styling?
To employ a couple of staff and to make sure I have a constant steady flow of work to keep us all busy. Being the administrator, accountant, stylist, photographer and editor all at once is incredibly overwhelming at times! I work almost 7 days a week and all hours to keep on top of everything the best I can.

If you could travel to any destination in the world, where would it be and why?
Morocco and the Greek Islands for the sheer beauty and, of course, the amazing photo opportunities!

What is your favourite part of working with clients through Villa Styling to achieve their styling vision?
Taking a product and making it look even more amazing than the client could have ever imagined always makes my day. I’m always so happy when clients are beyond amazed and blown away by the images they receive – it makes all the extra effort, time and care put in worth it!

You can get your jealousy fix from Louise by following @villastyling on Instagram or contacting her for any styling requests here.